Welcome to Adrian’s Woods! Here you will find a selection of pieces that I have crafted out of a variety of different woods. The website and the selection are constantly updated so check back often and contact me with any inquiries.

Do you want a mass-produced vase or fruit bowl on your dining room table? Or would you prefer a custom work of art, with natural and unique character that cannot be duplicated?

Whether you’re looking for a special item to enhance your home or wanting to make someone’s present as memorable as your friendship, my hand-crafted work can be the answer.

Wooden Memories – Is there a special tree that you once played in or met your sweetheart under? Is it being cut down or trimmed? Salvage a portion of that special tree, fencepost, or other turnable material, and I can create a custom, hand-crafted memento to give your memories life again. Something that you can enjoy using or viewing every single day.

Meet the Artist

Adrian Stanciu has been using his architectural design background to create wooden works of art in the Pikes Peak region for the past 25 years.

Wood gives him the opportunity to combine art, creativity, and construction, while releasing the unique beauty only mother nature can create.  Recognizing the environmental impact of deforestation, Adrian strives to utilize salvaged wood whenever possible.  Most of his larger turnings (bowls, vases, and hollow forms) come from trees that are dead or diseased and would otherwise be destined for the fireplace. He finds special joy rescuing these woods, giving the trees a second life, and allowing numerous individuals to appreciate the inner beauty for countless years to come.  To further the conservation goal, nested bowls are actually cored from a single piece of wood, resulting in additional bowls rather than shavings.  With wood’s natural variations, a lifetime of work won’t come close to exhausting the endless possibilities. Though some of the shapes may be recreated, due to the uniqueness of the material, no two wood pieces are the same.

My work is currently featured in several stores and galleries along the front range, including Denver, Pueblo, Manitou and Colorado Springs.  If you are interested in something that you don’t see, has already been sold, or in the Gallery of Previous Work, please feel free to contact me.